A 20-year University of London study looked at over 4,200 men aged 40-59 and found strong correlation between losing height and mortality. The authors speculated that slumping over postures caused a physical restriction of breathing which significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and respiratory mortality. Link: National Library of Medicine – Height loss in older men: associations with total mortality and incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Women with a jutting forward head posture were found to have almost half again the risk of dying during the course of one 4-year study. Link: National Library of Medicine – Hyperkyphotic posture predicts mortality in older community-dwelling men and women: a prospective study.

Looking at posture can give a tremendous amount of information about how a body is working. Link: National Library of Medicine – Implications for the use of postural analysis as a clinical diagnostic tool: reliability of quantifying upright standing spinal postures from photographic images.

Research shows evidence that poor balance and poor posture can result in pain conditions. Link: National Library of Medicine – People with chronic low back pain have poorer balance than controls in challenging tasks.

“The frailty of old age is largely reversible.” Rowe, J.W., and Kahn, R.L. (1998) Successful Aging. New York, NY: Pantheon, p. 102. Link: Cambridge University Press John W. Rowe and Robert L. Kahn. Successful Aging. New York: Pantheon Books, 1998


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