Experience the Holistic Difference!

Put simply, if all you’re looking for is a basic, spa-quality massage, you don’t need a Holistic Therapist to provide that for you – there are plenty of perfectly qualified conventionally-trained massage therapists around. At Transformations Wellness Holistic Therapy Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming, I don’t sell treatments – I SELL RESULTS! All my therapies are provided with Holistic Intention, producing results that are more profound and last longer than any conventional therapy!

What does that mean? Well, the results of conventional massage therapy are cumulative, which means that the more you get, the more you benefit. It also means that, when you stop receiving massage, your benefits start to wear off, and you start to lose the progress you made. Holistic Therapy is different in that the results you get from it are 100% permanent – so whether you choose to get treatments every day or only once per month, you get to keep all the benefit you walk away with FOREVER!

When I provide a massage, I take my time and make sure the job is done right, so your body has the best possible chance of restoring itself to your optimal state of health and wellbeing. I apply holistic principles to my massage treatments in order to ensure that you get the best and most long-lasting results that are possible to receive from a massage, and I’ll also do my best to help you understand the difference between conventional therapy and holistic therapy, so you can make informed choices with regard to your treatments, and so you can be an active participant in your continued care.

How does Holistic Massage differ from conventional massage? What does a Holistic Massage look/feel like? 
Scroll down to FAQ for answers to these and other questions.

How To Save Money By Getting More Benefit From Each Massage You Receive

Massage is NOT just a luxury, feel-good service – it’s one of many healthy lifestyle choices. However, the results of conventional Massage Therapy are cumulative, so just getting one massage a couple times per year isn’t going to do very much to make you healthier. My clients join me in a regular, ongoing team effort to promote, support, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, with Holistic Massage Therapy at the very foundation of that effort.

Did you know? Unlike massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic care, the results & benefits you receive from Holistic Therapy don’t wear off over time, so you won’t keep returning for treatment over and over with the exact same complaints – you’ll simply feel better and better after each treatment you receive! So, if you’re really serious about addressing the SOURCE of your pain or posture problems, you’ll want to consider starting with a Holistic Therapy Program. If you’d rather enjoy a more conventional approach, then you’re on the right page.

Integrative Holistic Massage Therapy & Bodywork Services

All services on this page are 90-minutes in length and are integrated with limited Holistic modalities

When you arrive at your appointment with complaints about pain or tension, I’ll start your treatment out by addressing those problems – first and foremost! I’ll use advanced techniques like Active Release, Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT), Cupping Therapy, or whatever your body seems to respond to most effectively. Then IF there’s enough time left, and if you like, I can try to work in a full-body relaxation or preventative maintenance massage – otherwise, we can spend the entire appointment just focusing on your needs. If you don’t have any particular pain or problems to report, then you’ll receive a customized premium-quality maintenance massage, with particular attention to detail!

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Wouldn’t a Massage Feel Great Today?
Laramie County Residents may receive their first 90-minute Massage with holistic demonstration for the introductory price of $70!
Swedish Massage

is relaxing, soothing, and moderately therapeutic in that it promotes and supports health, but is not problem-focused, unless it is combined with other techniques. Pressure can be adjusted from very light to very deep. Swedish massage helps to relieve minor aches and pains, stabilizes blood pressure, stimulates blood and lymph flow, elevates mood, and promotes quality sleep.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology treats the entire body via reflex points located on the soles of the feet. It is very soothing and profoundly relaxing!

“Deep Tissue” Massage,
Neuromuscular Therapy &
Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Despite popular misconception, Deep Tissue Therapy is all about technique and has nothing to do with pressure at all. A skilled therapist can penetrate deep into your muscle tissue without causing any pain whatsoever. Click here for detailed information about Deep Tissue techniques.



Prenatal & Postnatal Pregnancy Massage

Massage is safe and effective during all stages of pregnancy. Even the unborn child benefits from massage therapy! Postnatal Massage helps the mother recover from birth-trauma, and helps promote more productive sleep at night.

Cupping Therapy & Massage Cupping

Q: How does Holistic Massage differ from conventional massage? What does a Holistic Massage look/feel like?
A: These are great questions, yet are difficult to answer with mere words (some things are easier to demonstrate than to describe.) However, there are some obvious differences that I will attempt to explain: The fact is that Massage Therapy is not holistic in nature (because it is symptom-based, as the therapist will attempt to alleviate your pain by working primarily in the area where you report the pain to exist), and the body does not respond in a permanent way to movement (of course, in conventional massage, the therapists hands rarely stop moving.) When I provide a massage, I use the massage as an assessment tool to help me locate painful trigger points. (A trigger point is a small restriction in the fascial fibers of the body which can be located at a considerable distance from where you perceive pain and is, in fact, the source of all pain.) Once I locate an active trigger point, I will stop the massage and apply one of several holistic methods in order to release it. (Conventional massage softens trigger points and makes them feel better temporarily, but doesn’t necessarily release them completely or permanently.) Some techniques that I may use include Stephen Kaufman’s PNT (Pain Neutralization Therapy), cupping therapy, or in more serious cases, I may recommend a Holistic Therapy appointment at a future visit (Holistic Therapy cannot be implemented if there is oil or lotion already on the body.) Class IV Therapeutic Laser is another treatment I may recommend, when appropriate. Since the permanent release of pain-producing trigger points takes more time than skimming over them with massage techniques, your Holistic Massage appointment may or may not include coverage of the entire body in a single appointment, especially if you have multiple problem areas. My Holistic Massage methods are every bit as enjoyable as a conventional massage, but the results are much more profound and last a lot longer!

Q: How much is a monthly program for 1-hour appointments?
A: A holistic therapy is one which strives to treat the entire body as a whole, including and especially the root cause of the problems – not just the symptoms. This type of quality service can’t be achieved in a single hour, because authentic healing takes time. Since all of my work is results-focused, I do not offer discount programs including appointments shorter than 90-minutes.

Q: I live out of town (or I’m on a fixed income) and I’m not able to commit to monthly appointments. Can I just pay your regular rate to receive your treatments when I’m in town (or when I can afford it)?
A: Of course you can! As I stated in the video above, any massage is better than no massage at all! If your budget or life circumstances don’t allow you to receive regular bodywork, but it is your desire to make the most of what’s available to you, I am honored to serve you as often as you are able to make it work!

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