Transformations Wellness Holistic Therapy Center is excited to provide

Summit To Sea Mild Hyperbaric Chambers

shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Summit to Sea FDA-approved hyperbaric chambers feature two compressors with separate hoses, internal and external gauges (except Shallow), two air release valves and one back-up safety valve, failed circuit alarm, easy entry and exit, two-year warranty against manufacture defects covering parts and repair with optional extended warranties up to three additional years.

All chambers feature:

  • 4.4 PSI | 1.3 ATA with redundant compressors (2) for added safety
  • four round foam bolsters connecting in a cradle (horizontal chambers only)
  • sleeping mat for comfort (horizontal chambers only)
  • antibacterial carpet for comfort (vertical chambers only)
  • frame
  • viewing window(s)
  • auxiliary valve(s)
  • double vent system
  • double-sided zippers for easy entry and exit
  • high efficiency electric air pumps with patented sound suppression, plus in-line air filtration
  • optional foam mat with rounded bottom available for $350 (horizontal chambers only)

Optional supplemental 10L oxygen concentrator is NOT included, but can be purchased separately.

The Shallow Dive (economy model)
  • 26″ in diameter
  • 84″ in length
  • roomy enough for one child or one small- to average-sized adult
  • one viewing window
  • $6,995 (with military discount – $6,295.50) + $250 shipping
The Dive (most popular)
  • 33″ in diameter
  • 90″ in length
  • roomy enough for one large-sized adult (or one average-sized adult and one small child) – enough space to move around, roll over, read a book or watch videos on a tablet or phone
  • two viewing windows
  • $8,995 (with military discount – $8,095.50) + $275 shipping
Vertical Dive
  • average 40″ in diameter
  • designed to add an easy chair for ultimate comfort
  • roomy enough for one average- to large-sized adult – enough space to work on a laptop or read
  • $12,995 (with military discount – $11,695.50) + $300 shipping
The Grand Dive
  • 40″ in diameter
  • 90″ in length
  • plenty of room for 2-3 people or to exercise
  • two viewing windows
  • $12,995 (with military discount – $11,695.50) + $350 shipping
Vertical Grand Dive
  • 52″ in diameter at base, 38″ in diameter at top
  • 6.5 feet tall
  • unique floor system including stabilizer
  • perfect for anyone suffering from claustrophobic problems in smaller chambers
  • roomy enough for two average-sized adults or one large-sized adult
  • $16,995 (with military discount – $15,295.50) + $450 shipping
  • Wheelchair accessible model measures 60″ in diameter at base – please inquire for pricing