Contact Transformations Wellness Holistic Therapy Center

(307) 640-2496

[email protected]

Contact methods (in order of effectiveness):

  1. Voice calling / voicemail: I don’t answer the phone during treatment, but I check messages and return calls frequently throughout the day F-Tu, and occasionally on my days off W-Th.
  2. E-mail: I check e-mail several times per day F-Tu, and occasionally on W-Th.
  3. Text: I try to check and respond to text messages at the end of each day F-Tu. Please don’t text me if you are looking for a timely response.
  4. Social Media messages are NOT an effective way to get timely responses from me, but I will receive them eventually.

In order to preserve the peaceful sanctity
and tranquil atmosphere for my clients, all
sales & services are by appointment only.

No drop-ins, please!

The Center is located at 3720 Whitney Rd., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
From Cheyenne, drive East on Lincolnway/US 30 to just past Jolly Rogers RV Sales, then turn right (south) on Whitney Rd. Continue for about 1 1/2 blocks and look for the butterfly sign on the right side of the road. (Jolly Rogers RV Sales is about 1 mile east of Pershing Blvd on US 30)

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