Transformations Wellness Holistic Therapy Center is Cheyenne’s Go-To Source for
Effective, Immediate, and PERMANENT Relief from Fibromyalgia Pain

“Fibro” refers to the fibers of the fascia (connective tissue).

“Myalgia” means pain.

The word “Fibromayalgia” simply means pain that results from restrictions in the body’s connective tissue. Relieving fibro pain is as simple as PERMANENTLY releasing fascial restriction and taking the pressure of the entire fascial system.

Massage can’t do that. Physical Therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture can’t do that. Drugs CERTAINLY can’t do that. But Holistic Therapy can AND DOES do exactly that!

Here’s How To Quickly & PERMANENTLY Relieve Your Fibromyalgia PainĀ in 5 Simple Steps:


  1. Assessment
  2. Class IV Therapeutic Laser Pain Treatments
  3. Holistic Myofascial Release Therapy
  4. After Care
  5. Regular Follow-Up Treatments (as needed)

You will notice DRAMATIC changes in your pain levels after your very first treatment!

Choose an intensive treatment series for the fastest possible relief in a short period of time


Choose a month-to-month treatment program for gradual results over a longer period of time.

These options will be discussed with you in more detail after your first appointment, after you’ve had an opportunity to see how your body responds to your first treatment.

Have questions?

Don’t hesitate to call for a free phone consultation. (Leave a message for a return call if I’m not available to answer your call)


Ready to begin?

Schedule your first 2-hour appointment, which will include a biofeedback scan, as with all other appointments.
(You can choose to enroll in your choice of series or program after your first appointment.)