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Effective, Immediate, and PERMANENT Relief from Fibromyalgia Pain

“Fibro” refers to the fibers of the fascia (connective tissue).

“Myalgia” means pain.

The word “Fibromayalgia” simply means pain that results from restrictions in the body’s connective tissue. Relieving fibro pain is as simple as PERMANENTLY releasing fascial restriction and taking the pressure of the entire fascial system.

Massage can’t do that. Physical Therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture can’t do that. Drugs CERTAINLY can’t do that. But Holistic Therapy can AND DOES do exactly that!

Here’s How To Quickly & PERMANENTLY Relieve Your Fibromyalgia Pain in 5 Simple Steps:


  1. Assessment
  2. Class IV Therapeutic Laser Pain Treatments
  3. Holistic Myofascial Release Therapy
  4. After Care
  5. Regular Follow-Up Treatments (as needed)
Step 1

Assessment – at the start of each visit, I will assess your posture so that I can visualize where restrictions in the fibers of your fascia (the connective tissue of your body) are pulling against your skeletal structure and causing pressure, tension, and imbalance within your body. Once a restriction is identified, treated, and released from your body, it never returns again. Therefore, this process is repeated at the beginning of each appointment, in order to identify new or different restrictions in need of treatment.

Step 2

Class IV Therapeutic Laser Treatments – Double-blind clinical studies indicate that Class IV Therapeutic Laser Treatments decrease pain and increase range of motion, ultimately reducing the impact of fibromyalgia. Therapeutic Laser treatments are included as an optional part of your intensive treatment series, as well as on an as-needed basis thereafter.

Step 3

Holistic Myofascial Release Therapy – Gentle, sustained pressure into the deeper fascial structures of the body, combined with gentle traction assists the body in releasing and unwinding restrictions in the fibers of the connective tissue, which cause crushing, painful pressure on all body structures and systems equating to 2,000 pounds per square inch. Releasing and unwinding these restrictions serves to PERMANENTLY relieve associated pain.

Step 4

After Care – I will teach you home stretching exercises for prevention of new fascial restrictions and continued self-care maintenance between treatments.

Step 5

Regular Follow-Up Treatments – the results of each Holistic Therapy Treatment are PERMANENT, meaning that the restrictions released during each treatment will never again return to ail you. Therefore, you will not keep returning for treatment, again and again, with the exact same complaint. However, each time you release a cluster of restrictions that is causing you one ailment, you may become aware of other, less severe clusters of restrictions that are causing less painful sensations in other areas of your body. As a result, you may choose to return for continued care, as needed, to address these new areas, as they present themselves to you.

You will notice DRAMATIC changes in your pain levels after your very first treatment!

Choose an intensive treatment series for the fastest possible relief in a short period of time
(includes 16 visits over a period of 8-12 weeks)


Choose a month-to-month treatment program for gradual results over a longer period of time.

Intensive Treatment Series
for fast relief

(8 twice-weekly appointments for 4 weeks,
followed by weekly appointments for 8 weeks OR another 4 weeks of twice-weekly appointments)

Each 90-minute Visit Includes:

  1. Posture Assessment
  2. Class IV Therapeutic Laser Treatment
  3. Holistic Myofascial Release Treatment
  4. After Care / Home Care Instruction, as needed

now just $1,728 for 8-12 weeks of treatment!
($2,160 value – save 20%)

(For a mini-intensive treatment series, you’ll receive 8 treatments over a 4-week period for $972 ($1,080 value – save 10%)

Month-to-Month Treatment Program
for maintenance and/or passive treatment

Each 90-minute Visit Includes:

  1. Posture Assessment
  2. Holistic Myofascial Release Treatment
  3. After Care / Home Care Instruction, as needed


  • $121/month for one monthly treatment (save 10%)
  • $229/month for two monthly treatments (save 15%)
  • $468/month for weekly treatments (save 20%)

(optional Class IV Therapeutic Laser Treatments may be included at no additional cost)

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