Relieve Your Pain in 15-minutes with
LightForce Class IV Therapeutic Laser
What is Laser Therapy?

A laser is a very, very concentrated beam of light. Class IV Therapeutic Laser produces a tremendous amount of energy, which is experienced in the form of soothing heat. When this energy penetrates deep into your body, it excites the cells. This excitement stimulates cellular regeneration and tissue regeneration, which produces a very real healing response – not just a masking of symptoms, as with drug therapies.

Why receive Laser Therapy?

Class IV Therapeutic Laser treatments are now commonly being used on professional sports teams for relief from sport-related strain and sprain injuries. They are also ideal for the treatment and relief of muscular pain, nerve pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, wound healing, and most other types of acute and chronic pain.

Laramie County residents receive their first treatment FREE!

Treatments are also included with Massage and Holistic Therapy at no additional charge.

Knee Pain &
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Back & Neck Pain
Shin Splints
Plantar Fasciitis
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