Please follow these steps before continuing:
  1. Review my Scheduling Policies, Terms of Service, and Appointment Instructions (see below)
  2. If you are a new client OR it has been more than 6 months since you’ve received a service in my office, please start with a 2-hour Initial Visit and fill out/update online intake forms here: Please complete these forms well in advance of your appointment – not only are my intake forms very detailed and comprehensive and are likely to take some time to fill out, but I also need time to review the information and create or update your account before you arrive. (This prevents the need to use your treatment time for administrative work.) New and reactivating clients will also want to arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign new/updated agreements and to discuss your ever-changing needs and circumstances.
  3. Proceed to my online self-scheduler (click button below) OR call 307-640-2496 for assistance with scheduling your appointment.
Scheduling Policies

Appointments are required for all sales and services – no walk-ins, please.

24 hours notice is required for all schedule changes.

Reactivating clients: If it has been more than 6 months since your last visit, you will need to schedule a 2-hour Initial Visit with a new consultation and initial evaluation – you will be starting again from the beginning with your program.

Broken and Late-Cancelled Appointments:  At Transformations Wellness, you don’t pay for services – when you schedule an appointment, you are agreeing to pay for a block of time in my schedule. Therefore, if you break an appointment or cancel with less than 24-hours notice, you are expected to pay for the appointment block before scheduling another appointment. Certain exceptions apply for unavoidable emergencies if you communicate your circumstances to me. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

If you are unable to show up for your appointment or cancel with more than 24-hours notice AND you are in the biofeedback/quantum feedback system, you will receive a 90-minute quantum feedback service in lieu of your scheduled appointment and will be given a full report at your next visit.

Terms of Service

All package and program sales are final – no refunds for unused portions.

Please – no children unless they are receiving a service.

IMPORTANT: If you have received any COVID shot, booster, or any type of vaccine including tetanus shots and flu shots, you MUST wait before receiving a service in my office – 60 days for COVID shots, 30 days for all others.

Appointment Information & Instructions

What to wear:

You will not be undressing and getting under a sheet like you would for a massage – you’ll be partially dressed, ON TOP of a sheet or floor mat, while receiving treatment.
For posture assessment and floor work: loose shorts and a tank top are ideal. Stretchy leggings or bicycle shorts will also work.
For table work: Women may wear bra and panties or a 2-piece bathing suit; men may wear briefs or loose/stretchy boxers.