The PERMANENT Weight-Loss Solution
Online & In-Person Programs

Are you tired of yo-yo weight fluctuations or one-size-fits-nobody diets that don’t work because they do nothing to help you change your dietary or lifestyle habits? Are you looking for a way to PERMANENTLY restore your health and maintain your appropriate weight with minimal effort?

Well, you’ve come to exactly the right place! My Personalized Health & Weight Restoration Online & In-Person Programs WORK because I help you customize them to fit your individual body type, food sensitivities, metabolic inhibitors, and personal needs. My goal is to actually help you to PERMANENTLY change your relationship with your body and with your food, so you’ll NEVER gain the weight back, and so you’ll enjoy optimal health for the rest of your life!

  • No surgery
  • No drugs
  • No pain
  • No hunger
  • No “dieting”/deprivation
  • No calorie-counting
  • No recovery or down-time
  • No exercise regimes
  • No pre-packaged food or supplements to buy
Imagine a healthier, sexier
It doesn’t have to be this difficult – Stop thinking so much, trying so hard, and wasting so much time!
During the 12-week online program, you will:
  • Receive access to one of thirteen online coaching webinars each week (or less frequently, if you need more time) that are packed with information, tips, and one or two new habits to practice for the rest of the week (or longer, if you need more time).
  • Have unlimited access to help and support, via e-mail, phone consultations, and/or Facebook discussion group.
  • Improve or eliminate health problems that are causing you to gain weight or inhibiting your efforts to lose weight.
  • Balance hormones that affect sleep and weight.
  • Learn simple methods to improve digestion and increase metabolism.
  • Learn to balance your body’s pH (acid/alkaline balance), which will add years to your life and life to your years.
  • Learn which foods cause sensitivities and mucous in your individual body, so there will no longer be doubts about what’s okay for you to eat and what you must avoid.
  • Break out of the “one-size-fits-all” diet plans that work for only a few people, but not for the majority. (Remember that no two bodies are alike, which is the primary reason that diets don’t work!
  • Cleanse & detoxify your body, thereby eliminating one of the primary reasons your body stores fat, with simple dietary adjustments.
  • Most importantly, CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BODY AND WITH YOUR FOOD by simply increasing your understanding about your body, changing your perspective and your thought patterns, and modifying your dietary habits in a positive way.
  • Be provided with recipes and resources to help you in continuing your success for the rest of your life.
If you are located near the Cheyenne, Wyoming area, you may also:
  • Meet with me for weekly customizable appointments (up to 2 1/2 hours in length).
  • Receive treatments designed to remove physical restrictions in the connective tissue (fascia) surrounding your organs of digestion and elimination that are inhibiting proper function of these organs with gentle, holistic techniques.
  • Receive treatments designed to liquefy and mobilize fat cells with ultrasound technology, making it much easier for you to flush the fat out of your body.
  • Receive Reverse Ion Cleanse Foot Bath treatments designed to help you cleanse & detoxify your body.

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Q: Why should I participate in the Transformations Wellness Health & Weight Restoration Program?
A: Because, simply put, DIETS DON’T WORK! My program focuses on your thoughts, and your relationship with food and with your body – not just on what and how much you eat. Besides offering you a effective ways to cavitate (liquify and mobilize) your fat cells, detoxify your body, AND eliminate physical barriers (fascial restrictions around your digestive organs), I also TEACH you many new ways of thinking about your eating habits. I will NEVER ask you to go hungry or to refrain from nourishing your body when you’re hungry, nor will I give you unrealistic or unsustainable dietary restrictions to follow. Quite the opposite – I will teach you how to lose weight and get healthier by eating some of the most fantastic and satisfying food you never knew you loved (including dozens of quick and easy recipes)!

Traditional weight loss methods (dieting) leave your body feeling like it’s starving, which causes the body to go into “conservation mode”. This means that your metabolism slows down and your body starts using it’s energy more efficiently, making it harder for you to shed fat and pounds. When the diet is over and the weight starts creeping back on, your body will pack on a few extra pounds to store up for the next time it anticipates a famine. By contrast, my Health & Weight Restoration Program teaches you how to improve your digestion and your health, allowing your body to return to a healthy weight naturally, without causing “panic”. Understand that appropriate weight is a side effect of perfect health – your body won’t fight against you by working so hard to hold onto it’s fat reserves if you simply eliminate the reasons why your body creates excess weight in the first place.

Other reasons: Obesity increases physical stress and stress-related pain, takes years off your life expectancy, is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, and is associated with type 2 diabetes (the most common type.) Obesity lowers your self-esteem, motivation, and overall productivity, which can result in laziness, depression, lack of career success, and more obesity. Achieving an appropriate level of body fat will result in better health, fewer aches & pains, less stress, better quality sleep, more energy, fewer health-related expenses, better self-esteem, less need for medical treatments and prescription drugs, better moods, healthier relationships, and more satisfying sex.

Q: Who can participate in the program?
A: The best candidates for my Health & Weight Restoration Program are moderately overweight, yet otherwise healthy men and women wishing to lose between 20-90 pounds (calculate your ideal weight here, and your BMI here.) You are NOT a good candidate if you are pregnant or nursing, taking anticoagulants, if you have a pacemaker or metal implants, or if you have keloids, recent surgeries, or severe uncontrolled health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer or tumors, epilepsy, abnormally high or low (uncontrolled) blood pressure, hemophilia, thrombosis, phlebitis, tuberculosis, current infection or infectious disease, immunodeficiencies, or a compromised lymph system. If you have any doubt as to whether you are healthy enough to receive treatments or make dramatic changes to your diet or lifestyle, you should consult with your physician first.

Q: How long does it take to get through the program, and what all is involved?
A: It will take a minimum of 12-weeks to get through the online coaching program (the most important progran), but you can take as long as you feel that you need to complete it. For the in-person treatment program, uou’ll meet with me once per week for 12 weeks to receive detoxification, fat cavitation, and Myofascial Release treatments focused on your abdominal/core area. (Each appointment will take approximately 2 1/2 hours.)

Q: What are the potential side-effects?
A: While side-effects of fat cavitation are rarely reported, they occur occasionally, and usually involve a slight redness or irritation of the skin that resolves within a few hours. There is also a potential to feel an increase in energy, since the body will naturally attempt to use some of the energy reserves released from the fat. There are no known adverse side effects to reverse ion detoxification treatments. Healing Crisis may occur after Myofascia Release treatments.