Biofeedback Assisted Permanent & Natural Weight Loss COMING VERY SOON!

Weight gain and obesity is merely a symptom of imbalanced health – nothing more and nothing less. Likewise, appropriate weight is a reflection of good health and a balanced state of being. For this reason, it is pointless, frustrating, and even counter-productive to focus all of your attention on your weight. There are at least two reasons why conventional weight loss methods don’t work long-term:

  1. The Law of Attraction ensures that focusing your attention on your excess weight will serve to attract even more excess weight.
  2. Dieting and exercise do nothing to address the underlying problem behind why you’re overweight in the first place.

While diet and exercise certainly are important, this is not the focus of my weight loss program. I believe that, when you start to feel healthier, these things will fall into place naturally and effortlessly, because success breeds motivation. If you are overweight and you successfully restore your health, your excess weight will fall off effortlessly.

For all of these reasons, my weight loss program is exactly the same program as my Biofeedback & Quantum Energy Health Restoration & Maintenance program. The focus will be on your health, ensuring that you will attract more health. Biofeedback & Quantum Energy Healing gets right to the root of the problem, on an energetic level, helping you to restore your health naturally. There will be no dieting, calorie-counting, strenuous or structured exercise programs, and no deprivation. You’ll never have to go to bed hungry again!

Please refer to my Biofeedback & Quantum Energy Health Restoration & Maintenance program page for more details. This page will serve the primary purpose of documenting my own successful weight loss journey, as well as testimonials from some of my clients who choose to share their own success.

Chahna – before

240 pounds
waist: 41″, hips: 51″, thigh: 28″

(New photo and updated stats coming soon)

Chahna | April 2022

40 pounds lost in 4 months without any dieting whatsoever!