Transformations Wellness Integrative Therapies
specializing in biofeedback-enhanced pain & posture management,
holistic nutrition, weight loss, and digestive wellness


IMPORTANT: If you have received any COVID shot, booster, or any type of vaccine including tetanus shots and flu shots, you MUST wait 60 days before receiving a service in my office! I have suffered serious blood clot-related health problems, including two heart attacks, resulting from direct physical contact with recently vaccinated clients. This is not theory – each time I get sick, I identify at least one person who has disregarded this policy/boundary. I care not if you agree with me or believe me. I honor all boundaries set in place by my clients; you will not be a client in my practice if you do not honor my boundaries. My life depends on it – this is not negotiable!

Thank you for your cooperation and know that I appreciate your business!


You can get a massage, or you can embark on a multidimensional healing journey.
The choice is yours!


My name is Chahna and I am a certified Biofeedback Technician and Natural Therapist. I specialize in biofeedback-enhanced pain & posture correction using a number of advanced and holistic techniques and modalities. My mission is to provide effective alternative healthcare that is unique and uncommon. How often have you gotten a massage, a chiropractic adjustment or a round of physical therapy only to get no relief at all, or to have your symptoms come back after a few days or weeks? Come to me expecting results.

Truly holistic healing takes place on every level of your being – not just the physical. A biofeedback scan takes electrical measurements from your auric field and can reveal an abundance of vital information about what’s going on with your health, on all levels of your being, including which of your muscles are acutely or chronically stressed, and which types of thoughts and emotions may be causing or contributing to your problem. This knowledge helps me to make a lot more productive use of your time on my treatment table!


At Transformations Wellness,  you aren’t just a recipient of my services – you are an active participant!

Regardless of the skills or credentials of a doctor or therapist, NO ONE can impose healing on you against your will. The responsibility for healing always lies with the patient or client – there are no exceptions. Therefore, your healing will progress more quickly and thoroughly if you understand, participate, and cooperate with your therapy. All along the way, I will be providing learning opportunities, references, resources, and self-care instructions for you to practice at home, between your treatments, empowering you to take complete control of your healing progress.

How biofeedback-enhanced manual therapies work and why you should try it

Using a biofeedback scan, I can gather a lot of information about your state of being, including a list of your most stressed muscle areas. This means that I don’t have to spend 30-60 minutes of your treatment time searching for the source of your pain & posture problems with my hands – I already know what’s going on before you get on the table and I can make much more efficient use of your time on my treatment table. I am also able to use the same equipment to project to you a customized frequency/energy treatment while you’re receiving your manual therapy, so you get 2 treatments during your appointment instead of 1.

Another thing I can do for you with biofeedback is to test your supplements against your meridians to determine if you’re benefiting from your investments in them, and if you’re taking the right brands.

How biofeedback helps with weight loss and digestive wellness

There is no such thing as a universally healthy diet, so how do you know what you should be eating? Dietary guidelines like the Eat Right For Your Blood Type and the Whole 30 diets are good guidelines, but they don’t take into account individual food sensitivities that cause bloat, weight gain, and other gut issues. With a biofeedback scan, I can test each individual food against your auric field and tell you exactly which foods to avoid in order to stop the bloat. Next, I can offer coaching and guidance to help you restore your gut health and reduce your sensitivity to some of the foods on your list, so you can gradually return to a “normal”, healthy dietary lifestyle.

This service puts you in the driver’s seat, empowering you to take complete control of your health and your weight.

How to get started and what to expect

Step 1: Get familiar with me, my mission, my philosophy, my policies, and my services by browsing my website, and/or consulting with me over the phone; then decide if you would like to try the Transformations Wellness approach to natural health and healing.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment – All appointments are 2 hours unless otherwise agreed upon (shorter appointments must be scheduled by phone) – be sure to let me know if you have any trouble with the online scheduling system. (E-mail and text are not efficient ways to schedule, as someone else might take the appointment time you want online while you’re waiting to hear back from me – this has happened more than once! – schedule online or by phone at 307-640-2496.)

Step 3: Complete online forms: My online forms are very detailed and comprehensive and are likely to take you some time to complete, so please allow time in your schedule.

Step 4: Arrive for your appointment (new clients may arrive 15 minutes early)


Typical appointment flow for manual work (2 hours)

first 45 minutes (approx) – mind/energy balance

  • check client hydration/electrolyte balance
  • review/update health history
  • discuss results of previous treatment(s)
  • establish goals for today’s treatment and problem areas to be addressed
  • connect client to harness; start biofeedback calibration, test, and scan
  • start frequency treatments for organ systems, chakras, meridians, etc
  • clear auric field of imbalances and aberrant energies
  • affirmation & orgone generation
  • identify acute and chronic muscle, emotion, and dis-ease stressors
  • perform supraconscious 1st & 2nd choice of frequency therapies
  • set up timed frequency treatment to be piggy-backed during manual therapy

next 75 minutes (approx) – physical/emotional balance

This part can vary enormously depending on your treatment goals, and your unique needs and circumstances. Your hands-on treatment may include any combination of the following (if you’re receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy/HBOT, you’ll skip this step entirely and spend this time in the pressurized chamber):

  • Posture & range of motion assessment
  • Cold laser systems balancing (green laser)
  • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy (DTLT) with Class 4 therapeutic laser for pain relief & to accelerate healing
  • Trigger point therapy using red cold laser, PNT (pain neutralization technique), or conventional methods
  • Customized structural/fascial work for pain & posture correction and to mobilize soft tissues
  • Muscle Energy or Neural Reset Therapy to increase range of motion and release restriction
  • Neuromuscular therapy/re-education
  • Cupping Therapy, Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Foot Reflexology, and/or kinesio taping
  • topicals such as jojoba (a skin-conditioning lubricant), arnica, liniments, essential oils, etc

wrap up

  • report of findings and treatment summary
  • home care instructions/demonstrations
  • rectification of frequency treatments