Balance, Posture, and Movement As Medicine
with Structural Rehabilitation
your holistic alternative to Physical Therapy, Rolfing, and Massage Therapy
An integrative program for correction of pain, posture problems, and restricted range-of-motion
as well as for preventative maintenance and performance enhancement
Posture is far more important to health than most people realize, and it’s very easy to improve!
How Poor Posture Actually Harms Your Health
  • Forward-leaning posture folds your body and restricts your breathing
  • Causes tight muscles and weak opposing muscles, resulting in headaches, pain, and cognitive problems
  • Decreases range-of-motion and reduces mobility
  • Affects balance, resulting in coordination problems and injuries
  • Increases risk of spinal degeneration
  • Decreases height with age – spinal compression
  • Increases mortality from all causes
What Causes Poor Posture

While injuries and congenital defects certainly can contribute to postural problems, poor posture is primarily a result of poor postural habits, such as:


  • Slouching while standing or sitting
  • Forward head-leaning habits, such as jutting the head forward to stare at a technical device (computer, cell phone, digital gaming device, etc)
  • Sitting for extended periods of time
  • Crossing the legs while sitting
  • Standing with weight on one leg or shifting weight between legs
  • Weak standing posture – butt sticking out and/or belly protruding
  • Standing with knees locked in hyper-extension
  • Sedentary lifestyle
How You Can Improve Your Posture

Regardless of the cause or degree of your postural issues, you can improve your posture!


  • Practice body/posture awareness on a continual basis
  • Practice posture and balance exercises, such as one-legged stands, pelvic tilts, chin tucks, and any core and spinal muscle strengthening exercises
  • Stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles daily (requires only about 20 minutes per day)
  • Seek the assistance of a Posture Expert, Corrective Exercise Professional, or Fascia Release Therapist when you need help, especially if your posture problems are long-standing
How I Can Help

My Holistic Structural Rehabilitation Program (HSR) includes:


  • Detailed and comprehensive computerized posture analysis – see for yourself how you’re improving and where you need more improvement
  • Quantum biofeedback scans to identify stress patterns in your body and mind – learn the mental and emotional causes of dysfunction
  • Hands-on therapies to release restrictions in the body that prevent you from moving the way you should naturally be able to move
  • Corrective exercise – do most of the work at home for free!
  • Self-empowerment coaching – take control of your health, your wellbeing, and your life
Benefits of HSR:
      • heal faster
      • feel better
      • stand taller
      • breathe deeper
      • move easier
      • age gracefully
      • increase energy
      • decrease risk of injury
      • improve sleep quality
      • self-empowerment
      • reduce or eliminate your need for drugs and surgery
HSR Is Great For:
      • relief from pain – all types
      • strengthening posture & balance
      • injury and surgical recovery & rehabilitation
      • post-partum recover & rehabilitation
      • improving and maintaining overall health
      • increasing life expectancy
      • improving quality of life

“You cannot poison your body into health with drugs, chemo or radiation. The holistic approach treats the whole animal, ignites the body’s internal healing force and stimulates the body’s natural abilities to heal itself. Health can only be achieved with healthful living” T.C.Fry

The question you should be asking yourself is NOT “How long will I have to suffer?”,
but rather “How much suffering am I willing to endure before I make the decision to think and live differently?”

What is Holistic Structural Rehabilitation (HSR)?

In contrast with conventional therapies, which seek to impose the will of a therapist on the body of a client, Holistic Structural Rehabilitation seeks to assist the entire being in restoring normal balance and function, on all levels, on its own terms. Holistic Structural Rehabilitation simply offers the body what it needs to begin its own healing process gently, naturally, respectfully, deeply, and effectively. Despite its gentleness, the results are profound and may even be visible to those around you.

By identifying the unique needs of each individual being and by communicating and working with the body’s inner intelligence, the Holistic Structural Therapist provides support and assistance while the body rids itself of “stuckness”, freeing trapped energy and restoring free and open movement. The Self-Healing Coach empowers you to do all of this yourself at home.

HSR is right for you if:
      • you have pain, restricted range of motion, posture problems, a general sense of un-wellness, shallow or restricted breathing OR you are interested in prevention and maintenance for all levels of your being
      • you accept 100% responsibility for your health, your wellbeing, and your life circumstances
      • your preference is to leave drugs and surgery for the very last resort
      • you are willing and able to follow simple home-care instructions between appointments
      • you are open to non-conventional therapies that are not necessarily accepted or promoted by mainstream medicine
      • you understand and agree that no one can impose healing on you without your direct participation and a commitment to yourself
      • you are self-motivated and self-empowered, or you are ready to become so
Sitting Is The New Smoking

Sitting folds your body, restricting breathing and circulation, impacting health nearly as much as smoking! Poor posture and prolonged sitting can increase risk of chronic diseases, increasing mortality from all causes, even if you exercise daily!

Don’t Succumb To “Tech-Neck”

Poor posture combined with prolonged sitting also results in neck pain, back pain, and headaches.

Did you know? – Aches & Pains

Most of the aches and pains that you experience in your body as you age result from weak posture and has nothing to do with your number of years. Longstanding poor posture and imbalanced motion can be associated with the breakdown in equilibrium and balance associated with older age. Maintaining balance can become a greater cognitive demand as some older people literally have to think about standing up. Notice if someone stops walking to talk – it’s an indicator of weakened balance and/or cognitive function.

By strengthening your posture and functional alignment, you look and feel younger, improve cognition, and actually prolong your life!

Did you know? – Dysfunction and Disease

Function Follows Form: Without proper form (posture), the body doesn’t function efficiently, and you experience all types of dysfunction in the body – from irregular or uncontrollable body movements to frozen joints, from anxiety and breathing disorders to disease in all forms.

Did you know? – Cognitive Function

Your equilibrium and proprioception come from your brain – not your muscles. A breakdown in balance and posture indicates a breakdown in the way your brain communicates with the rest of your body. Improving your balance and posture will improve you brain function.

Did you know? – Weight, Activity and Life Span

Research shows that severely obese people who remain physically active actually live longer than people of normal weight who are sedentary.

Presentation Is Everything!

If you want to attract your ideal mateland your dream job, or become more successful in business, then start with your presentation. Improving your posture results in the appearance of being more intelligent, confident, competent, capable, and attractive. When you appear more confident, you become more confident, exponentially increasing your chances of being successful in your career, your relationships, and your life.

Get the respect and admiration you deserve by becoming the best possible version of yourself!

Symptoms of Posture Breakdown
  • Arthritis or osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease is an irritation of the joint that can be caused by unbalanced motion. The imbalance stresses joints causing formation of bone spurs leading to joint pain.
  • Back pain, sciatica, poor balance, and falls: Researchers found that patients with back pain were less efficient at maintaining balance and controlling their posture when they moved their arms, supporting the concept that postural disuse atrophy of deep stabilizing spinal muscles like the multifidus weakens balance, leading to falls as well as weak posture.
  • Stress & anxiety: Bad posture habits will impact stress and anxiety. In a tech-driven world, many don’t notice hunched shoulders and shallow breathing has become a way of life. Decreased lung capacity means you’ve limited the amount of oxygen reaching the bloodstream and the result is fatigue, insomnia, muscle cramps and (for many) feelings of anxiety and panic.
  • Restricted breathing & low oxygen saturation: Poor posture causes chest muscles to tighten while back muscles become weak. When breathing muscles are restricted, you process less oxygen. This threatens circulation, digestion, concentration and respiration.
  • Headache & neck pain: Usually related to poor posture, neck pain and headaches might begin after an injury or auto accident, but can also be caused by poor posture habits that strain the neck and upper back.
  • Premature aging and less healthy or attractive appearance: Bent-forward posture compresses lungs and abdominal organs increasing risk of heart disease and circulatory problems. Standing tall with head aligned over your shoulders, hips and feet makes you appear taller, more slender and younger! In other words, strong posture is important for a long, beautiful life.
Treatment Goals:
      • Aligning structures to avoid excessive mechanical stress (avoiding injury & premature aging)
      • Learning to move with coordinated function for optimal performance as you balance & avoid pain
      • Utilize effective hands-on therapies to help restore balance and alleviate pain
      • Move naturally, feel good, be strong and improve health